Friday, June 21, 2013

From Kim Tuesday 6/18:
She reports they have been teaching a woman from Mongolia. Her husband, Bata does all the translating for his wife when they teach her. Bata will be baptizing her (this weekend I believe.)

Also, transfers are next Tuesday, which happens to be Kim's 22nd birthday. The mission will be splitting, the ward she is serving in is splitting and she has been with Sister Smith since she got there in February so maybe even their companionship will be splitting. Exciting times, change is coming for her. Her mission president will be moved over into the new mission and the new mission president will take over the established mission. The question, Which one will she be in? Stay tuned -April
Excerpts from Megan's letter on 6/20:

There are about 60 Missionaries here total. We have districts of about 9 missionaries, so we get very personalized lessons.

I was originally put in a 3some companionship in the Beginner class, but after my teacher heard me pray over lunch he put me in the intermediate class. I therefore had to switch companionships and I am so grateful!! At first I was completely overwhelmed! The teachers only speak in Spanish, and its not some cute easy Spanish either… we are also expected to respond and only talk in Spanish everywhere in the MTC, Maestras are always on our case about that in class, which is a good thing.
I am truly beginning to understand the meaning of “el don de linguas” or the gift of tongues.  Thank you guys, especially Holly for encouraging me to pray in Spanish. This class may be a challenge but the Lord knew this is the companionship I need and this is the class that will help me learn and progress the most. After only 2 days of stress due to not being able to understand my teachers, I am now able to understand the Maestra (teacher) and respond somewhat intelligently.

My Companionship is incredible! Both my companions know a lot of Spanish so I am the one benefiting the most from the companionship. We realize that we all have something different to bring to the table Hermana  Folsome is the Spanish speaking master, I am good with organizing the lessons and asking inspired questions, and Schone…. Well she just holds the keys to our room…jk she is reading this right now and laughing, no she is the grammar and scripture mastery queen!! I love my companions so much, we all push each other and enjoy every second together, I have absolutely no complaints I am being so blessed right now.

I have been so excited to tell you about proselyting in the Park on Saturday. First off the park is said to be comparable to Central Park in New York… it is huggggggeeee!  There are huge fountains and artistic gardens and pond and a roman looking are that I have yet to explore. I was put with a companion that didn’t know very much English (like I was supposed to be the one who knew a lot haha) We briskly went around the park and after lots of embarrassing and exciting moments did very well: we talked to 4 people on the metro (which Sara and Zach will understand was very hard) but very rewarding, we had 16 contacts at the park, 8 in which we gave something out (i.e. pass along card, pamphlet, etc.), placed the 1 Book of Mormon we had, and got 2 referrals!!! Afterwards I got to conduct everyone in singing a few hymns at the fountain! It was incredible!

Okay, now for the juicy random details mom requested:
Spain is beautiful, its like a mix between Mexico and San Francisco. The buildings are tall and boxy with this pretty bright orange color. The air is very moist but more often than not it tastes like smoke. We have had fish every day(squid, clam, swordfish, etc.) , we eat French fries almost every lunch, I think its because they think Americans like fries, and there's this drink that’s like cold tomato soup that one of the elders chugged thinking it was a smoothie…hilarious! There's also tons of flan that one of the Brittish elders can slurp in one big …slurp (his record was 5 in a row).
We have a British elder in our district and it is hilarious to hear him speak Spanish, he says “El libro de mormon” by stressing the “O” like “El leebro di Mooooremin.” We make fun of him all the time! Haha.
I get distracted because the language is so beautiful! The lisp is less of a “-th” sound…its made as they tap their tongue on the back of their front teeth…yeah I´m a little creepy…I watch their mouth, its hard not to, I get distracted by the beautiful words that I forget to translate them in my head!
Oh and I accidentally said”soy embarrasada” with my companions like you always hear not to say (it means I´m pregnant).
At the park I accidentally called a little girl a boy and I pretended it was because I didn’t know Spanish haha.
Funniest moment of the week: I asked our mock investigator to practice praying by repeating after me in a prayer, I was still in bare my testimony mode so I said “dear heavenly father, I know this church is true…” she looked up and we all giggled, we joke that I was trying to hypnotize her.
For kicks a couple nights ago, I turned off the bathroom light while the Hermana's were using the facilities. ha, I thought I was pretty funny!

To close I feel the Lord has been literally carrying me, everytime I think my heart is about to sink in my chest like it usually would it stays fixed.
I am learning the language soooo fast, its frustrating at times, but the progress each day is incredible. I love spain, it has been waiting for  me. The people here are wonderful.
In the few occasions I have time to think about home I do miss you haha, especially you mom and dad! I feel so much closer to you as I get the opportunity to go out in the world and learn things for myself. I love you all

-Hermana Bennett

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Megan in Madrid!
We were so delighted to hear from Megan her first day in Spain:

"Hey everyone!
On the flight to Atlanta I had the opportunity of offering the gentlemen sitting next to us a book of mormon, he did not accept it but he did take a pass along card. Madrid is everything I dreamed it would be, just more humid. Its like a combo between CA and Mexico. They encourage us to only speak Spanish here, our teachers only speak in Spanish, which is nice so far because I feel like I can understand. The teachers are incredible and so is the President. There are maybe 50 people here, and the second we met the teachers they were kissing on the cheeks and only speaking in Spanish.

"I almost forgot in the airport in Atlanta there was a man playing a church hymn on the piano when he saw the army of missionaries walking by. He also played Piano man really well which made me think of Ricky. I was just moved to the intermediate classes, the teacher chose to move me up, which made me sad because the teacher was really incredible, he threatened to kill us with the sword of Laban if we do not bring our manuals into the mission field. People are getting more and more comfortable speaking Spanish by the hour, which is fun for me. I am so tired, but very excited. The food is good, but very different. We had this soup that tastes like V8 and jello that was more like pudding in taste and texture. They spelled my name on my nametag wrong which is pretty funny. I got to conduct the song for the orientation, which we sang in Spanish. All the girls in my district are incredible! I was one of the few sisters who introduced myself to the whole MTC in Spanish, I am part of a 3some and my companions are very good at Spanish, but very kind and fun and encouraging. I got maybe 3 hours of sleep and still feel like I am on a boat.

"I am so excited for this adventure!

"I love you guys!"

-Hermana Bennet(t)