Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kim's Mission-Excerpts only

Hey Everyone!
Kim's Mission president has asked that the missionaries families do not blog the missionaries emails except for excerpts; however, I have been informed that missionaries are now allowed to email whomever they please. I'll ask Kim what her Mission Presidents stance is and let you know ASAP. I'll put her email in the Blog title if we get the "ok". As for now I guess I can summarize and give excerpts.

She says she's working on being on time with her scripture study and the lessons with her investigator Kwasi has stayed more on track now that a member has started attending the lessons. She is also realizing that she needs to find new ways to deal with stress, now that she can't, "go punch a punching bag or go to the temple ". Then she wraps it up by saying, "when moments of stress occur, I can't really run away and I want to just grapple my stress and make it tap out, but I don't really know how to take on such a shape-shifting and illusive enemy. "

Earlier in the email she commented on how, with Easter coming up, it'll be easier to invite people to come to church. My challenge to the wonderful friends and family reading this blog would be to find someone you could invite to come to church this Easter Sunday; wether its a brother or sister who has a hard time actively attending church, or if it's a friend who has never been introduced to the gospel before, I can't think of a better time or excuse to come and enjoy the love of the Savior!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week #7

"Sorry, we had ZERO p-day today because we had to go to the mission office and it was a temple day. here is what I sent my mission president!!!

Sister Smith and I have had a much needed kick in the rear from the new missionary orientation. We were being chickens-- we were chicken to invite people early and often to baptism. But you can bet we are inviting like crazy now. Like you said at the training, "What's the worst they can do, yell at ya'?" We  haven't gotten yelled at yet, but we sure have gotten some raised eyebrows and gasps of suprise. Actually, when we invited our investigator named Kwasi to baptism, he did both of those things. Kwasi is the one who wants empirical evidence before he will believe in any of our doctrines, more particularly the plan of salvation. He wants knowledge that he can trust to be 'real.' Well, I realized the kind of "REAL" he needs after reading Alma 32. Alma describes Faith and then asks:' O then, is this not real? I say unto you, Yea'. "

Megan (Hermana Bennett) Receives Endowments

I had the opportunity to receive my temple endowments a little over a week ago. I was so grateful to have had friends and family there (in person and in spirit) to support me during this incredible experience!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lessons Learned

Hi All! 

Thanks for the advice, encouragement and love! 

There have been so many experiences this week. I've learned alot!!!

1: saying "that's a good idea."
I'm finding that I always shoot down other people's ideas so I have been practicing telling my companion "That's a good idea." I had to force it the first few times, but it is coming out of my mouth more naturally now...! 

2. When I say sonmething dumb or inconsiderate or in a mean tone, say: "let me try that again." then try it again. 

3. admit when I am wrong.

Funny story with this one; so my companion and I walked by this guy and I shout out if he wants to hear about the book of mormon. He said no, and that he's the worst person we could've asked. so I, not thinking, replied: "What, are you Aetheist or something?" 
My trainer turned red and I was forced to admit that I could use a little more tact..... 

we laugh about it now. 

4. I am really fiery, and passionate. 
I'm learning to control it but there have been times where I feel the fire build in my soul so fast and sometimes others get burned. like when we went to a members' home and they said we shouldn't talk about church stuff that much because their non-lds friend was there, FIRE. 

5. My trainer says I'm like elder Calhoun. I am not afraid to talk to people (in her eyes at least! I still have lots of fear to conquer,)

6. bringing up school shootings never yielded as many terrified looks as the simple statement: "have you ever heard of the Book of Mormon?"

7. I'm still adjusting to being called sister bennett....

8. my purse rocks. thank you mom. it is super waterproof and perfect!

9. food storage is important. You NEVER know when a natural disaster will hit. we didn't get hit but a lady who bore her testimony talked about hopw a disaster hit and they "literally ate [their] food storage"

and this is my struggle this week: 

I need more faith, yes. but just because I don't have all of Chicago lined up at the font doesn't mean I don't have faith....! 

Ok, that's all folks! talk to you next week. 

I love you all and the Lord is watching out for me here. I know now more than ever that God has a plan for us. He sends us where he does-- in our families, our workplaces, our lane on the road, etc. FOR A REASON. God truly loves us and he has been apart of my everyday life. I'm no Ammon and chopping off arms isn't practical but I am trying to serve out here. Happiness is not in the next transfer or even the next day. happiness is in sacrificing for those I love now. 


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Pictures

1- me and sis Dudley at the Temple. (:

2- me, sis Dudley and some of the guys in our MTC district. who were AWESOME btw. 

3-our district with Brother Roberts (right, white tag) our P.M. MTC teacher. 

4- us Girls with our A.M. MTC teacher, Sister Metzger!( with the long curly dark hair). We really got along and I will never forget her prayers for me. I'll never forget what she has taught me. 
Treasure MTC time, Meg. And We all have black glasses, too! (:   

5-All my roomies! except the guys in the back... can you say photo-bomb?

6-Me and Sister Dudley again!

7-Me and Sister Smith (in mid-blink.. oops!) planning. 

In the Field!

Sister Dudly(MTC Companion) and Kim

I was always confused about what "lock your heart "means, but I realized 
at our district meeting it means: now is the time to give the lord ALL our 
heart, and I'm not supposed to go diluting my allegiance to him right now with 
the guys around me. It's easy to refocus myself when I say:

"satan, there is a time for that AND IT IS NOT NOW. I'll think about that later, but for now...I'VE GOT WORK TO DO.
Easy as that. 

And we're seeing all kinds of miracles around us. We went to visit an inactive lady and she didn't answer the door, so we walked away and she 
came walking down the street just as we walked away! The Lord sent her to us, truly. She really needed us, too-- she talked with us for hours
despite the bitter Chicago winter all about her bitterness and we know she can get through it! she just needed someone to listen! 

Also, funny story-- we were contacting and I went up to these 3 teenagers on the street and after they rejected our offer, I stopped and said" okay, 
now, be honest with me-- how was my approach? I'm really new at this whole missionary thing and I wanted to know from you if I could have done that
better." they all stoped, looked at us, and laughed because I think they werent expecting me to say that. one says, through the cigarrette on her 
lips, ; "you could have announced, "hey, random missionary alert!" and we all had a bit of a laugh together. they still wouldn't take a Book of Mormon though.
Ah, well. Tis' the life of a missionary. 

And when we were trascting in the snow earlier this week, we have a new investigator named Jerry who, while we were tracting, 
was really impressed that we were out there with the snow and wind (it was literally snowing sideways) and agreed to hear our message because
he figured it had to be important if we were willing to face the Chicago winter for it. (unlike the pastors of other churches in the area. he noted)
Sacrifice brings for the blessings of Heaven!
Ok, that's all for the week. I love you guys, talk to you next time!


sister Bennett

A Small World

Sister Bennett got to meet up with a friend of my grandparents in Chicago. Of course she drew her daughter a Caracature. Its nice to see her being able to use her artistic talents on her mission.