Sunday, February 16, 2014

"I Love This New Area"

Excerpts from Kim's letter January 27th:

"I love this new area!"

"We've gotten off to a running start. The ward has been so helpful in pointing the way for us; the ward mission plan is 1 INVITE (to be taught by the full time missionaries) per adult member PER QUARTER..We love the ward already, the first thing Bishop Malli said when he saw us was "I'll need a restraining order on these two." We are quickly getting used to his sense of humor."

"Also, sister Payne and I LOVE being companions! she feels like a sister to me. We have so much in common! What a change! It is nice not to have to worry a ton about our companionship. I feel like one day I will wake up and this will all have been a dream... the dream companion, the dream area, we are on the horizon of something very special. My new companion, wow, she is like a mix of Megan and a]Aunt Ruthanne and Patti Barrow. I say that because she has Aunt Ruthanne's
nurturing touch, Megan's enthusiasm, energy and strength, and Patti'sresourcefulness and easy- to- be-around-ness. She has been with some hard companions  (her trainer was only 6 weeks old, etc. ) and we are always laughing but we really work well together and love and serveeach other. I would definitely choose her for a companion."

April's question: "You two are having to learn the area together huh? Please tell me she is not direction challenged too ;)"

Kim's response: "You bet we are! It's nice, though, because we are both able to learn at the same pace whereas everyone around me has usually been better atdirections. So, we study the maps together and we learn I. The same way so we help each other a lot. And we soapboxes in the bus once. Itdoesn't work for us like it did for Dan Jones or Brigham Young or Cleon Skousen.... Everyone is on their smartphones or doing their own thing.

April's question: "Do you cover more than one ward?"

Kim's response: "Nope, we cover a quarter of the ward. The branch council live in pretty much the same spot, so he tried to put us where the entire branch council is in OUR area so we can get
them motivated."

April's Question: "Did you two get to teach any lessons this week?"

Kim's Response: "We taught 5... All on the spot."

New Companion and Silly Story

Excerpt from Megan January 20th:

"Hilarious moment for the week: After walking away from talking to a sweet old lady for a good 30 minutes i mastered the best pole encounter known to the history of Americas funniest home videos. I was so anxious to get away that as I was looking back saying goodbye I forgot that I do not yet have eyes on the back of my head. There was a short pole about 2 and a half feet tall, as I turned my head forward it was too close to escape, so I cleverly decided I would just walk right over it...that doesn't work very well with a skirt...actually it doesn't work at all...the poll caught me right in between my legs, luckily I did not fall over, but it did take me a second to back up and start walking normal again, my legs were fine, but my abs were sore the next day from how hard we were laughing. Everyone on the street looked at us and we just kept busting up, it took me a good minute or so to gain my composure. I pray the old lady didn't see us laughing and think we were laughing at her. Regardless, that story definitely made first page new in my journal that night.

Meg with new companion Sister Carter

From Chesterton to Logan Square

Update on Kim, she continued to serve in Chesterton until January transfers. Here are are few pictures she sent:


Winter in Chicago. Where's the Elder's when you need them??

Frozen Lake Michigan

Still doing caricatures.

Letter to President Woodbury, January 20th,

"I wasn't expecting to be transferred! I just want to say thanks for calling me to Chesterton; for allowing me the privilege of coming here. It's been nothing short of necessary for my salvation. The people I have met have changed my life. What great members to work with. I will miss every one of them, especially president Fowler and brother Caggiano. We have seen miracles begin to take off here. Prior to mine and sister Spackman arriving to open the area in August, certain members of the branch were doubtful about there being any work to do in Chesterton. But as we learned to work with the members then hit the baptist-laden streets with all our might, we reaped in unexpected ways. Sister Friday's baptism really helped the branch see that people do change. They are learning that missionaries are more obedient now than they were in the past, because they MUST be!! We simply have to raise the bar and they have come to expect that and trust us. Logan square will be a real metamorphosis for me.

Slow to Post But Worth the Wait.

I have to apologize for not updating blog. Here are some highlights from past two months:

Early January transfer, Megan stayed in Palma and gets a new companion. Here's what she has to say about that:

Excerpts from Megan January 13th
"To begin I just want to say that  I may have just entered into the best companionship of my mission. Hermana Carter is incredible! I have never worked so well with another person in my entired life. The most incredible thing to me is our ability to receive revelation together. We will be walking down the street talking about what we can do to help the leadership in the branch and we both receive revelation and we go back and forth, but I know what she is about to say before she says it. It is incredible and just keep pinching ourselves, We have been so effective this week its not even funny. I wish I could tell you everything that has happened, but I'll have to write a novel about it when I get home. The point is I feel like I am with someone I can work so smoothly and happily with because the focus is turning from the companionship to the missionary work, which is quite the contrast compared to last transfer for me. There is a lot of work to do here and it felt like the day Hermana Carter got here the Lord said, okay, lets move. The branch id now taking some turns and getting serious about the work, its like Hermana Catrer getting here flipped a switch for the whole area. I could not be happier to be a missionary that I am right now. "

"So here is a funny story for the week. Last week our gospel principles class, the class the investigators go to was completely empty except for 1 recent convert. This week the class was so full we had people without chairs because there was not room to put more chairs in (about 20 people), and half the class was investigators. We had three people who only spoke English and 3 newer missionaries doing their best to translate. So picture this tiny classroom with 3 missionaries talking in English during the whole lesson. Then add the fact that our teacher is still learning the gospel principles himself and we have a member who likes to go into deep doctrine who is there because he is the friend of our investigator. We started going into topics like a heavenly mother and my toes started to curl. Hermana Arana (who happened to be there with her investigator) and I did our best to redirect the lesson, but it was out of control. I couldn't decide weather to laugh or run and hide. Our investigator left afterwards with his head spinning saying he had a lot to go home and think about, gaaah! ha, ha, oh well, we were laughing with the other missionaries who were translating because they didn't end up translating half the lesson for the other English investigators who where there. We all had a good laugh about it."