Sunday, February 16, 2014

"I Love This New Area"

Excerpts from Kim's letter January 27th:

"I love this new area!"

"We've gotten off to a running start. The ward has been so helpful in pointing the way for us; the ward mission plan is 1 INVITE (to be taught by the full time missionaries) per adult member PER QUARTER..We love the ward already, the first thing Bishop Malli said when he saw us was "I'll need a restraining order on these two." We are quickly getting used to his sense of humor."

"Also, sister Payne and I LOVE being companions! she feels like a sister to me. We have so much in common! What a change! It is nice not to have to worry a ton about our companionship. I feel like one day I will wake up and this will all have been a dream... the dream companion, the dream area, we are on the horizon of something very special. My new companion, wow, she is like a mix of Megan and a]Aunt Ruthanne and Patti Barrow. I say that because she has Aunt Ruthanne's
nurturing touch, Megan's enthusiasm, energy and strength, and Patti'sresourcefulness and easy- to- be-around-ness. She has been with some hard companions  (her trainer was only 6 weeks old, etc. ) and we are always laughing but we really work well together and love and serveeach other. I would definitely choose her for a companion."

April's question: "You two are having to learn the area together huh? Please tell me she is not direction challenged too ;)"

Kim's response: "You bet we are! It's nice, though, because we are both able to learn at the same pace whereas everyone around me has usually been better atdirections. So, we study the maps together and we learn I. The same way so we help each other a lot. And we soapboxes in the bus once. Itdoesn't work for us like it did for Dan Jones or Brigham Young or Cleon Skousen.... Everyone is on their smartphones or doing their own thing.

April's question: "Do you cover more than one ward?"

Kim's response: "Nope, we cover a quarter of the ward. The branch council live in pretty much the same spot, so he tried to put us where the entire branch council is in OUR area so we can get
them motivated."

April's Question: "Did you two get to teach any lessons this week?"

Kim's Response: "We taught 5... All on the spot."

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