Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kim Really Enjoying Companion Sister Payne

Story from Kim's letter April 21st:

"Easter was pretty spectacular. We were headed across the street to go to dinner at bishop Mali's. At the crosswalk, the red hand was blinking and we were running behind, so we knew we had to run to make it across without holding any cars up. However, we still talk to everyone and we see this man in a wheelchair and ask, "How is your Easter?" as we rush by. He says quietly, "terrible!" We turn around immediately and came running back. "Why? What happened?" We asked. He seemed all the
more distraught and said, "Well, I've been beat up twice today and I just need to go to the hospital, but my wheelchair isn't working!" We were shocked and a little humbled by this man's plight. Another stranger also helped him. The stranger stopped the bus just in time. The driver came out to assess the situation and immediately went to work lowering a ramp for him. Now, you should know, this was a BIG guy. All 3 of us pushed with our might and somehow got him all secured onto the bus as onlookers stared. As we went to exit the bus, we went to give a card to the man so the bus could leave. The kind stranger agreed to ride with him all the way to the hospital!  and he says to us, " I can't read it! I can't see." Wow. I've never gotten to serve God like that. But as we exited the bus, sister Payne and I were just staring at each other in total amazement.

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