Sunday, February 16, 2014

From Chesterton to Logan Square

Update on Kim, she continued to serve in Chesterton until January transfers. Here are are few pictures she sent:


Winter in Chicago. Where's the Elder's when you need them??

Frozen Lake Michigan

Still doing caricatures.

Letter to President Woodbury, January 20th,

"I wasn't expecting to be transferred! I just want to say thanks for calling me to Chesterton; for allowing me the privilege of coming here. It's been nothing short of necessary for my salvation. The people I have met have changed my life. What great members to work with. I will miss every one of them, especially president Fowler and brother Caggiano. We have seen miracles begin to take off here. Prior to mine and sister Spackman arriving to open the area in August, certain members of the branch were doubtful about there being any work to do in Chesterton. But as we learned to work with the members then hit the baptist-laden streets with all our might, we reaped in unexpected ways. Sister Friday's baptism really helped the branch see that people do change. They are learning that missionaries are more obedient now than they were in the past, because they MUST be!! We simply have to raise the bar and they have come to expect that and trust us. Logan square will be a real metamorphosis for me.

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