Monday, March 18, 2013

Lessons Learned

Hi All! 

Thanks for the advice, encouragement and love! 

There have been so many experiences this week. I've learned alot!!!

1: saying "that's a good idea."
I'm finding that I always shoot down other people's ideas so I have been practicing telling my companion "That's a good idea." I had to force it the first few times, but it is coming out of my mouth more naturally now...! 

2. When I say sonmething dumb or inconsiderate or in a mean tone, say: "let me try that again." then try it again. 

3. admit when I am wrong.

Funny story with this one; so my companion and I walked by this guy and I shout out if he wants to hear about the book of mormon. He said no, and that he's the worst person we could've asked. so I, not thinking, replied: "What, are you Aetheist or something?" 
My trainer turned red and I was forced to admit that I could use a little more tact..... 

we laugh about it now. 

4. I am really fiery, and passionate. 
I'm learning to control it but there have been times where I feel the fire build in my soul so fast and sometimes others get burned. like when we went to a members' home and they said we shouldn't talk about church stuff that much because their non-lds friend was there, FIRE. 

5. My trainer says I'm like elder Calhoun. I am not afraid to talk to people (in her eyes at least! I still have lots of fear to conquer,)

6. bringing up school shootings never yielded as many terrified looks as the simple statement: "have you ever heard of the Book of Mormon?"

7. I'm still adjusting to being called sister bennett....

8. my purse rocks. thank you mom. it is super waterproof and perfect!

9. food storage is important. You NEVER know when a natural disaster will hit. we didn't get hit but a lady who bore her testimony talked about hopw a disaster hit and they "literally ate [their] food storage"

and this is my struggle this week: 

I need more faith, yes. but just because I don't have all of Chicago lined up at the font doesn't mean I don't have faith....! 

Ok, that's all folks! talk to you next week. 

I love you all and the Lord is watching out for me here. I know now more than ever that God has a plan for us. He sends us where he does-- in our families, our workplaces, our lane on the road, etc. FOR A REASON. God truly loves us and he has been apart of my everyday life. I'm no Ammon and chopping off arms isn't practical but I am trying to serve out here. Happiness is not in the next transfer or even the next day. happiness is in sacrificing for those I love now. 


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