Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week #7

"Sorry, we had ZERO p-day today because we had to go to the mission office and it was a temple day. here is what I sent my mission president!!!

Sister Smith and I have had a much needed kick in the rear from the new missionary orientation. We were being chickens-- we were chicken to invite people early and often to baptism. But you can bet we are inviting like crazy now. Like you said at the training, "What's the worst they can do, yell at ya'?" We  haven't gotten yelled at yet, but we sure have gotten some raised eyebrows and gasps of suprise. Actually, when we invited our investigator named Kwasi to baptism, he did both of those things. Kwasi is the one who wants empirical evidence before he will believe in any of our doctrines, more particularly the plan of salvation. He wants knowledge that he can trust to be 'real.' Well, I realized the kind of "REAL" he needs after reading Alma 32. Alma describes Faith and then asks:' O then, is this not real? I say unto you, Yea'. "

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