Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kim's Mission-Excerpts only

Hey Everyone!
Kim's Mission president has asked that the missionaries families do not blog the missionaries emails except for excerpts; however, I have been informed that missionaries are now allowed to email whomever they please. I'll ask Kim what her Mission Presidents stance is and let you know ASAP. I'll put her email in the Blog title if we get the "ok". As for now I guess I can summarize and give excerpts.

She says she's working on being on time with her scripture study and the lessons with her investigator Kwasi has stayed more on track now that a member has started attending the lessons. She is also realizing that she needs to find new ways to deal with stress, now that she can't, "go punch a punching bag or go to the temple ". Then she wraps it up by saying, "when moments of stress occur, I can't really run away and I want to just grapple my stress and make it tap out, but I don't really know how to take on such a shape-shifting and illusive enemy. "

Earlier in the email she commented on how, with Easter coming up, it'll be easier to invite people to come to church. My challenge to the wonderful friends and family reading this blog would be to find someone you could invite to come to church this Easter Sunday; wether its a brother or sister who has a hard time actively attending church, or if it's a friend who has never been introduced to the gospel before, I can't think of a better time or excuse to come and enjoy the love of the Savior!

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