Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Best News Ever"(Sister Kim Bennett)

Sorry to not have posted Kim/Sister Bennett Updates for the past week or so. In her latest email, she was very excited about Finding a golden investigator named Logan, this is the story in her words, "Sister Smith and I have had the opportunity of teaching a 19-year old named Logan. He is SOLID. The lord has been preparing him for years, I just know it. we invited him to be baptized on April 27th... AND HE ACCEPTED! (: It was like my first ju-jitsu competition all over again. But better. Logan is the kind of guy that, when we gave him Alma 32 to read, he read it 3 times!!! I've got to say, I've never felt so humbled by a victory before. He accepted the invitation, and This huge wave of "wow, I did not do anything to get him to this point. THAT was all the Lord" swept over me." 

She and sister smith were also blessed to find two progressing investigators. They also met a guy named Kevin who lives in a more beat up part of town and didn't seem to have the best habbits. Later Kim talked about how appreciative she was of the assertive member they asked to come. She asked them to stop working around the house and pay attention to their message. 

Kim later compared the atonement to the Pasta Bar at brick oven, an endless supply that needs to be restocked continuously with, "scriptures, praying, and repenting. Above all it is repenting."

She mentioned her mission will be split with the new "wave" of "reinforcements", and she hopes she will get to keep her current mission president. 

Hopefully this update wasn't too scatter brained, please include Sister Smith and our "Sister Bennett" in your prayers as well as their aspiring investigators. 

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