Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Pictures

1- me and sis Dudley at the Temple. (:

2- me, sis Dudley and some of the guys in our MTC district. who were AWESOME btw. 

3-our district with Brother Roberts (right, white tag) our P.M. MTC teacher. 

4- us Girls with our A.M. MTC teacher, Sister Metzger!( with the long curly dark hair). We really got along and I will never forget her prayers for me. I'll never forget what she has taught me. 
Treasure MTC time, Meg. And We all have black glasses, too! (:   

5-All my roomies! except the guys in the back... can you say photo-bomb?

6-Me and Sister Dudley again!

7-Me and Sister Smith (in mid-blink.. oops!) planning. 

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