Sunday, June 16, 2013


Megan in Madrid!
We were so delighted to hear from Megan her first day in Spain:

"Hey everyone!
On the flight to Atlanta I had the opportunity of offering the gentlemen sitting next to us a book of mormon, he did not accept it but he did take a pass along card. Madrid is everything I dreamed it would be, just more humid. Its like a combo between CA and Mexico. They encourage us to only speak Spanish here, our teachers only speak in Spanish, which is nice so far because I feel like I can understand. The teachers are incredible and so is the President. There are maybe 50 people here, and the second we met the teachers they were kissing on the cheeks and only speaking in Spanish.

"I almost forgot in the airport in Atlanta there was a man playing a church hymn on the piano when he saw the army of missionaries walking by. He also played Piano man really well which made me think of Ricky. I was just moved to the intermediate classes, the teacher chose to move me up, which made me sad because the teacher was really incredible, he threatened to kill us with the sword of Laban if we do not bring our manuals into the mission field. People are getting more and more comfortable speaking Spanish by the hour, which is fun for me. I am so tired, but very excited. The food is good, but very different. We had this soup that tastes like V8 and jello that was more like pudding in taste and texture. They spelled my name on my nametag wrong which is pretty funny. I got to conduct the song for the orientation, which we sang in Spanish. All the girls in my district are incredible! I was one of the few sisters who introduced myself to the whole MTC in Spanish, I am part of a 3some and my companions are very good at Spanish, but very kind and fun and encouraging. I got maybe 3 hours of sleep and still feel like I am on a boat.

"I am so excited for this adventure!

"I love you guys!"

-Hermana Bennet(t)

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