Thursday, September 19, 2013

so, like, Megan Irene has a family to teach.

Megan reports their zone has been focusing of finding families to teach. She and her companion have been praying for this and a couple they just started teaching had their daughter move in with them so they are teaching the three of them. She is pretty excited about having a family to teach.

On the light side from Megan:

"So a funny thought for the week, the missionaries in my district are starting to notice that when I speak Spanish I still say filler words like "so" and "like," ha ha, its my valley girl California accent coming thru."

"Something interesting here is that people like to go by there first and middle names, for example: Mary Angeles, Maria Rosillo, or Maria Dolores... sooooo Ive decided that when I get home I am going to go by Megan Irene. Isn't that a great idea!!!? (insert cricket sounds here) okay maybe not, but someone could have some fun with that"

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