Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kim busy with exchanges as Sister Training Leader

5 Guys and 2 Sister Missionaries - lovin' the mission!

Busy going on splits, often.

Thumbs up for being missionaries.

The best part of the mission is getting to teach investigators.

Letter Excerpt from Kim on July 21st:

Exchanges. Sister Helsten and I arrived in their apartment for the night. I look at the clock and it says 8:30 p.m. Sister Helsten started putting her stuff down and all of a sudden, the Spirit gave me the best idea. So I said, "Well,we have 30 minutes (and since this was my old area I knew by the spirit exactly who to visit) lets go see Leta. Have you gotten in to see her yet?" She said they had tried calling her many times but had not seen her yet. I know a weird back way to get into her house that sister Smith showed me. It's actually the way she prefers us to come in, it's just that these missionaries did not
know about it yet. So we bounce into the car and zip off to Leta, andsure enough she just HAPPENS to be there and we set an appointment up for the very next night!! ( love the SPIRIT). We get home right at 9:01. Perfect ending to the day!

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