Thursday, October 23, 2014

Megan Called to be a Sister Training Leader

Excerpt from Megan on July 28th:

"So President Pace called Saturday while we were eating at a recent converts house. I picked up and chatted with him as they brought out the food. I was a little nervous because transfers are coming up and that usually means change. He asked me to be a Sister Training Leader. To be honest I had had a hard night the night before that call. I was disappointed because we had a lesson that didn't go the way I wanted and I knew I could have done better. I was feeling pretty inadequate when he called. Today was the Leadership meeting which was an incredible spiritual experience. It was 4 hours of pure spiritual high. The missionaries going home in the next transfer bore their testimonies which of course just rips your heart out. We spoke about working more effectively with the members, asking for referrals from everyone and how to do it, and we decided our mission focus for August. Our focus will be on baptism, we will be working to invite someone to be baptized every day. I am excited for this goal. We did this as a district in the islands and it really helped us focus in on baptism. I am excited, but I also saw what Hermana Rhodes went thru and I know the Lord has a lot of work to do with me so I can fulfill this calling. This will not be easy, but it will be a great learning experience.

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