Thursday, October 23, 2014

Joy in the Journey

Excerpt from Megan's letter July 14th:

"Mom, I have always appreciated your encouragement and support regarding helping us focus in 100% on our missions. I remember sitting on the futon next to you while you were doing case notes one day. This was after I got my mission call, about a week before I left. I just have in my head "Enjoy it! Get lost in the work and just love it!" You just said it so happily and in a manner that was like "don't worry! Its going to be great if you can just enjoy it". I have subconsciously kept that comment present. I have also heard your voice in my head again as just about EVERY companion has echoed you in saying "Be nice to yourself!"  I have lots of drive, but I feel like I am finally learning how to enjoy the journey. I think sometimes I substitute working efficiently, with working hard. I will go around and take the harder route as long as I can just keep walking and not stop for crosswalks, but Hermana Floisand is teaching me to smell the flowers enjoy the journey and work hard but efficiently. There is a special spirit in our companionship, we are both focused in on the work and I pray that the Lord will continue to guide our efforts.

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