Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 13th (MTC)

Hey All!
I'll be at the airport in SLC between 8 and 9 am on Monday the 18th, and I can make a phone call home so if anyone would be available to talk I really would love that. I'll bet everyone will be off at work? I'll try the house and if noone picks up I'll try Mom and meg's cell. maybe Dad's. But expect it! My p-day is over in 30 mins so I won't see any replies to this e-mail until next p-day!
Dad- thanks for the letter! it came in a very timely manner. It's been a hard week, but as most hard weeks go it was also a very good one. overall, I can't complain-- the MTC food is served like a cheap buffet/cafeteria, sort of all-you-can-eat. the food gives me indigestion sometimes pretty bad... but you learn pretty quick what foods to eat/not to eat! aaaand they have soymilk/rice dream!
Are you and Mom getting over your colds/coughs?
And I had no idea you were the District Leader in the MTC! How stressful!
Also,I showed your card to, like, everybody who would look! I especially loved the cookie stain. I've been healthy and well overall; sleeping okay, eating right, exercising regularly, and refusing to study during mealtimes. I am not letting myself multitask like that because I don't think it's a good idea to taint the relaxation time, but what is your opinion on that?
How valuable are breaks, really?
Mom-- no sore throat for me! Heavenly Father protected me from it, I guess because it's a real miracle I don't have it!
My MTC companion and I have cried and laughed together so much. we are so unified, and others notice it too. Most importantly God blesses us with unity in our teaching. The spirit speaks to her, then to me, then to her, etc. We had a REALLY discouraging time yesterday. Our progressing investigator (this is all role-play, and the actor is our awesome teacher, Brother Roberts). I had a headache basically the whole day, and she(my companion, sister Dudley) was frustrated from all of the lines at dinner time. Also we were not prepared. so when we taught the investigatior, our teaching sucked. we had the spirit with us but the spirit had no preparation to go off of. our lesson fell flat. he didn't want us there, he wasn't progressing, we were just confusing him and our teaching really just.... was awful. there was little skill there, and when we went back to class our teacher dismissed the class and we two just sat there. Brother Roberts asked :"So- sisters, how are we feeling?" and we both started weeping. We were so frustrated. we really undeniably failed as teachers. so he tried to encourage us, assigned us some reading, and listened to us. he almost started crying too. Here is the thing-- I've never felt soo deeply for someone else's welfare. I felt so responsible. he's not even a real person and I wept because I did something to let him down.
I wouls love to write specifically to Holly, ricky, and meg to answer your questions but I only have 4 minutes left. Ah, well, I'll have to answer them next p-day!
Megan- My companion thinks I'm more awesome than I ever could be.
Holly- I almost cried when I read your letter.  I'll "See you tonight" too!
Ricky--Your letter is wonderful. I hope you write to me next week. and I am growing BIG-TIME in my knowledge of the gospel here.
Sara and zach- congrats. I think of you often and what gresat parents you'll be.
I love you all, the MTC is feeling like home and I cannot waith to leave for Chicago on monday. I love you to the moon and back, and the valentine's package was so sweet and it had all of my favorite things. I love my district, they are so spiritual and we wpould do anything for each other. we went to the temple together today. our 8 elders are all like the sweetwater river boys, they would carry the peop;le of Chicago or New Your across even if they had to die to do it.
Likewise, I love you all and I hope the Bennett and Allen wagon trains are moving along smoothly. I'lll write you a more personal letter next week. Happy late Valentine's day, and remember that God is so aware of you and your needs and He is blessing you. Just write 3 things you're grateful for!
-Sister Bennett
p.s. yes, there is spinach here! (:

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