Mom! the plane ride was awesome, we made it safe, being a travel leader was awesome! I basically just made sure everyone had a companion and pass-along cards. Sorry I only have a few minutes to write back. 

My companion and I sat by a guy named Dan on the plane. We talked the entire trip about our beliefs, about the restored gospel, the plan of salvation, the atonement, etc.! it was An awesome discussion. He asked me questions he had wondered for a long time like: "Why the apocalypse? A loving God wouldn't just go and destroy the Earth he created." I gave him a Book of Mormon and challenged him to read it. I expect he will join the church, although I won't find out probably until we meet at the feet of the savior. 

We were greeted by President Fenn and his wife upon arrival, and she is really Elder McConkie's daughter! and He is alot like Elder McConkie!!! He (president Fenn) is so BOLD. straightforward. to the point... yet deeply loving. not affectionate, but definitely loving. We stayed at the mission home one night, where I got to meet the Schmidt's (Tracy's Aunt) and they are famil;y to me. totally. 

Transfer meetings: I was dying of nervousness bacause I was the last english sister called, and President Fenn introduced me to my fellow missionaries me by saying:I am calling this person to this area because she knows martial arts, and there is no one better to put in the city. it was awesome, everyone was like: who is it going to be? he turns to my trainer, sister Smith, and says: "Sister Smith, meet your new companion-- sister Bennett." the reactions from some of the elders was priceless. 

 he called me to the city (just outside of it, anyway). I'm in a little placve called Skokie, near the beautiful Evanston and the gorgeous Northwestern university. I loooove the members. I'lll warm up to the area eventually, I am struggling to adjust to all the baptists and jews around. I am serving in 2 wards, and they are both great. one of our investigators who came to church with us got up in relief society and announced that she would be joining the fold-- aka the church-- she just didn't know when. her name is Sandra.

I love you all, You'll hear from me in & days. I'll be more settled in then, so this is me promising a longer e-mail next week! 

Sara and Zach-- 

How do you just let things go? like, when someone bugs you with what they do?

-Kim (: