Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kim Training and Teaching

Pictures from Kim:

  Training Sister Spackman

Excerpts from Kim:

On Training:
Sister Spackman is amazing. she personifies "work ethic." She works smart and she works hard (she's alot like Megan in that way). I've been trying to be a good leader. She surprised me the other day by saying she admires how great I am with improvisation. She said this because we had no gospel Principles teacher on Sunday so I volunteered on the spot to teach and she thought the lesson went well. And in that moment I realized: SHE is good at planning and I am good at teaching on the fly.

On Investigator:
During a lesson with an investigator, we just couldn't help him resolve his one concern (sarcasm alert), "I want to learn all there is to know about Joseph Smith."
... of course, we could help get him started but this will be a lifelong problem for him. (:

He thirsts to know all we have to share with him. He read the pamphlet we left on his doorstep the night before, he believes it all (which may be a problem, we have to get down to real intent with him and asking God to know the truth for himself). But He is SO receptive! what a pleasure it is to teach him. He has been preparing hard for over 10 years to get to where he is at right now. Truly, the field is WHITE.

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