Monday, July 29, 2013

One of those Mission Miracles and an Iguana??

Excerpt from Kim:
Sister Hansen and I got to see a miracle this week! we were about to head home for dinner and we felt impressed to tract a street. Sister Hansen and I looked at each other and as I looked back at the row of apartments and they seemed to glow with this sense of "I have at least one person inside of me that wants to be baptized. You just have to get in here and find me!" So we rolled up our sleeves and tracted for three hours. In that time we found 6 potential investigators, 2 solid investigators, and we even got a referral. Not bad!

On Wednesday we went on exchanges and I got to be companions with Sister Breinholt, the English sister Trainer leader. She is awesome! In the morning we walked along lake Michigan and I found a little shell. It was so nice to be there, the waves were bigger than Sister Breinholt could recall them ever being before; I think that was for me. The Lord knew my soul needed a little ocean.

Oh, and as Sister Breinholt and I were out working, we walked on to this man's porch and sister Breinholt says: "Is that an iguana?" sure enough, there was an iguana. We got to share the gospel a bit with the owner, and all the while the iguana kept coming up to us and tasting us. It was licking our ankles over and over with it's little pink iguana tongue!!!

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