Sunday, December 8, 2013

iPads, Care Packages and What Was Dropped is Now Picked Up.

Excerpt from Kim's Letter November 26:

Dear family, 
It is so fun to write you using the iPad!!! What a neat thing. The work is truly hastening. The brethren have recently said that this hastening is right up there with the major events of church history. That includes the restoration. Thank you, Mom and Dad! Thank you for helping lay the foundation for this hastening. The hastening is not only in what is going on out here in the front lines.... May I submit that the hastening is what happened when you both decided to serve your missions and when you raised us in righteousness? I can't thank you enough for everything you do for me.

Thank you everyone in South Jordan 7th Ward who made the care package! I crushed up a lot of the candy and put it in brownies and made a killer batch of brownies for some of our members. And all the notes that came with the package were really cute.

So, this week we did caricatures in front of CVS.  It was nice to be out in my element and drawing. We got to talk to people that normally would not have given us the time of day.


Excerpts from Kim's Letter December 2:

You may enjoy hearing some of the amazing circumstances we are in here. It's been amazing to be so trusted by The Lord. We were dropped by an investigator family one month ago. We'll, we got into their home and they want to investigate again. Joe, the husband, even apologized for the awkward phone call he made to tell us they weren't interested. We'll, Rhiannon , the mom, is struggling with so many addictions. This issue is that she needs to rip herself from the grips of multiple addictions and she doesn't believe in her ability to do it. We feel honored to have this opportunity to come closer to God. I don't know what she is going through, and I can't imagine the fight with darkness that the next few months will hold for her. But I do know one thing- the atonement is more powerful than anything. It has irreversibly changed me.

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