Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas is coming on the Islands

From Megan December 2:

Happy December Family,

The Christmas lights in the street are finally on and they are just as great as I hoped they'd be! Christmas trees are going up and everyone is surprised at how cold its getting.

Hermana Wallace and I finally bought a space heater (ours broke last week), we have discovered that tile floors can get really cold, I may have to invest in slippers.

I have been bragging like a proud soccer mom to all the Elders that Ricky was in the Saints and Soldiers: The Void Teaser Trailer. For all they know, he is the next Johny Depp.

This week we celebrated Thanksgiving as a district. It was obvious to see it was planned my missionaries the day before though. Almost all the missionaries from the islands were there. All we had was 7 chickens, one bowl of veggies, chips, and juice. We set up the tables into a long rectangle, got some Christmas tunes going, shared stories and tried to enjoy ourselves as best we could. I felt bad for one of the native elders sitting in front of me. You could tell he had no idea what people were saying, everyone was laughing, and he just looked like a fish out of water. I talked to him for a second afterwards and he had a good attitude about it and said it was a good chance to learn English. It reminded me of how I felt my first month of the mission. I cant help but feel for the natives a little though because they don't get to learn English as quick as we get to learn Spanish. Its like they get the band aid peeled off slow, ha,ha. I really enjoyed the dinner though, especially when one of the elders shared a story about how an officer got confused one and tazed him as he was walking out of a movie with his friends (think of that the next time your at the theatre) ha, ha.

I have finally gotten up the guts to buy and advent calendar for 1 euro. I figured on a limited budget there's only so much I can do to celebrate, and that will last my all the way up until Christmas (assuming I can wait till the next day to eat the next chocolate).

I love you all so much,

Hermana Bennett

Excerpt from Megan's Letter November 26:

It has been another amazing week in Palma.

Hermana wallace and I are doing good, we are getting a lot better at our communication skills. There is nothing more humbling than being with companions on the mission because its like you can't hide from your flaws. At home I can blame everything on all of you, ha, ha, but here you move companions and your flaws move with you...and become easier to pinpoint. I know its hard to believe that I have flaws everyone, I am pretty great, but believe it or not I am working on the pride factor (which we all know is secretly the root of all evil).

My funny story for the week: We are preparing Cielo to be baptized this Saturday and its been a little stressful because its like the last week is when you find all the bumps in the road. All the problems come out and adversary really kicks in. That being said we had some Jehovah's witness stop by during our last visit, which is always nice and awkward. They politely left, but now I am really wondering how serious Cielo is about all of this. I feel like it can be easy to get caught up in "We´re jus´sharin´the goood wurd!" as opposed to, "we have a message that will change your life, God talks to his children today just like he did in old times. No, the heavens are not closed. Yes, we have modern day revelation thru a living prophet. You are a child of God now come and partake of his love thru the atonement." (is my head I just yelled all that at Cielo just now, thanks for letting me vent a little ha, ha).

P-day on a small Machu-Pechu type island:

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