Sunday, December 8, 2013

P-day Contacting

Excerpt from Kim's Letter November 11:

This p-day was a humbling experience! Sister V and I took our car to the dealership because the engine has been mysteriously acting up (and it is a NEW car!) The truth is, our car is new enough that if it is having a problem... it is God trying to put us somewhere. So sister V and I were trying to be ready for whatever the Lord put us there for. As we sat in the waiting room of the dealership, I thought maybe it was the guy on his computer across from us. So I prayed for some way to share the gospel with him (without being awkward). Then another man came in and sat down, and I thought: "maybe we should talk to him!" Then, the manager/ supervisor came in and said he was done working on our car and we left without sharing the gospel with any of them! So, feeling a little lazy, or like a failure to some degree, we got in the car to go to Wal-mart. Then, unexpectedly, a man named Orlando who had greeted us when we first came in, came walking toward us from out the back door of the dealership. I almost didn't see him as we prepared to drive away for Wal-Mart, but somehow we did see him and I rolled down the window for us to talk to him. He had mentioned earlier that he was a Marine a few years back, and he knew a Mormon guy and he thought Mormons were nice people. We didn't get the clue then, so Heavenly Father gave us a second chance to share the gospel with him! And this time it was a very blatant chance. Not wanting to let this one slip, we gladly accepted a business card from Orlando and set an appointment with him. And wouldn't you believe it, he wanted to come to church this Sunday! He even asked us what to wear! We are so excited and so pleased. as we drove off, sister V and I agreed it was a very eye- opening experience. How many of God's elect are we missing on p-day "because it's p-day and we have too many other things to do" or "because we don't want to proselyte in a business" or "because this is our one day to get everything bought and done for the week?" Heavenly Father knows what we need and he plans our p-days accordingly.

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