Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tornadoes and Miracles

Excerpts from Kim November 18:

As for tornado's, we are safe. We are not really affected by them, except the wind is MIGHTY! we were visiting a less-active on Sunday at the hospital and when we exited the hospital, we noticed it was raining. No big deal, right? WRONG! because as we went walking out into the storm, it was like the water cycle had declared war on Michigan City, and as we ran through the parking lot to the car it felt like nature was pelting us with a super soaker. It got to the point where I couldn't see because my glasses seemed to be a main target. Sister Villagomez was yelling, "ow, OW! As she was hit by raindrops a foot or two ahead of me. I yelled, "I can't see!" That only made sister Villagomez laugh harder! What a sight we must have been- her yelling out in pain as we ran to escape the watery darts, with me right behind her unable to see because my glasses were doused, and sister Villagomez looking back to see my lenses absolutely covered with the wetness. Little did we know we had sat in nature's spalsh zone and we were laughing like maniacs until we finally reached the car. Our makeup ended up running almost as hard as we did. It was a fun adventure.

We have seen fallen trees, we heard a tornado had touched down in Chesterton but we didn't actually see it (I am somewhat disappointed).

Miracles have happened almost daily but the experience with one sister stands head and shoulders above the rest. We have been praying for weeks to run into a lady named Sandy (yes, another Sandy). We first met her just walking around, and we had an amazing discussion about the Plan of Salvation; the most amazing thing about it is that we felt- as she related the sad tale of her daughter Sherry's passing- that her Daughter Sherry had apprehended us and made sure we went and talked to her mom. Unfortunately, All Sandy gave us to contact her was a phone number. She did not want to give us an address. We tried calling her so many times, with no response. So, we began petitioning the Lord for a chance to run into Sandy again. Our prayer was answered! This Saturday, we were walking and I had to stop and adjust my scarf or something when sister Villagomez said: "is that Sandy???" I threw that scarf on as fast as I could and we tried to catch up with her. she disappeared down an alleyway, and we knew that if we ran we could catch her as she exits on the other side. So we RAN! and we did catch her, and we did have an amazing discussion with her.

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