Thursday, July 31, 2014

Letter excerpt from Megan May 26th:

"This past week Hermama Rhodes was gone for 2.5 days since she is a Sister Training Leader, it was quite the adventure and the other Hermana Missionaries were great about having back and forth sleep overs for 3 nights and the members were great about helping me out. There was one member Carmen who I had for only one hour to help me out between members. I was trying to plan things but felt I should ask if she knew anyone nearby that could use a visit. She said her sister-in-law's bother was in a coma and she was working nearby. I wrote her a note with a scripture reference thinking she was a member. When we got there I realized she was not a member and we had the opportunity to read the scripture together. Carmen, the member, was just so happy and comfortable there it made my part so much easier, sometimes the members can feel awkward, but she just oozed joy. We even prayed together before we left and Carmen's sister-in-law seemed really happy. "

"Another highlight of the week is that Laura and her son came to pass by a less active members home with me. We have been teaching her 9 year old son Erik (he is not baptized yet), he really liked having another boy there and in the end he said the prayer for the first time in front of me! He repeated after me and it was touching. Laura apparently took mental note of that because when her friend Francisco called us to tell us he wanted us to come teach him, in the end she did the same for him to teach him to pray. I thought that was great that she had paid attention to what I did with Erik."

"Spain update: We had a thunderstorm this morning... I couldn't help but sing, "The RAIN in Spain stays MAINly on the pla-ane!"

"Funny update: I have spent my preparation day in the mission office because Hermana Rhodes in in the Leadership meeting and all the other sister training leaders have sister training leader companions, so I'm "stuck" in the office. I actually love being here! I made everyone in the office scones with jam this morning, they loved it. I also shared some brownie I made for our Sarah and her family. They are contemplating hiring me onto the office team to come and cook for them all day. We have had fun, plus I got to help the office couple with a little paperwork, I don't think I would mind working in the mission office."

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