Sunday, November 2, 2014

Megan Being Transferred to Zaragoza

Dear Family,

Excerpt from Megan's letter Sept 16th:

"I think I learned something very special in Barcelona, that if we don't love we are not doing the work. I have come to love a lot of people here in a very special way. One sister here has been a huge asset to the missionary work. I feel like she was like a mom/grandma to me in this area. When we said goodbye the other night she held my face, looked me right in the eyes and said, "love your parents... love your parents. Marry someone your level." She hugged me tight and we ran off to our apartment. I sure love her. She is just so sincere and loves unconditionally, to the point where you just feel it when she walks in the room. What a blessing and example she has been to me!

"German also made saying good-bye hard. On Sunday he volunteered to give the closing prayer. I had kept quiet about me leaving and had only told him I was going, but in his prayer he announced I would be leaving, which made my laugh, but then he said something very sweet like, "Heavenly father, please bless my angel Hermana Bennett, for because of her I am here." Tear jerker.

"I feel peace. I don't feel anxiety or sadness, or even overly excited, I just feel peace, what a blessing! I will be going to Zaragoza ("Sarah-go-sa"), I am so excited because I will be working with Hermana Boyer. I had the opportunity to work with her for a full day in my area 2 transfers ago, the day was full of miracles and we both felt we would be companions in the future, I am very excited. Everyone makes Zaragoza sound like my first area, Sabadell...not quite city, not quite town. I do feel like I belong there, I just feel good!"

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