Sunday, November 2, 2014


Excerpt from Megan's letter Sept 22nd:

"This has been one of the most incredible weeks of my mission. I think Hermana Floisand did a great job of mentally preparing me to come here. Our first two days we literally talked with everyone we could. Almost all our citas fired, but we just kept going. Hermana Boyer felt so bad that our citas were firing and it was extra hard for her this week because we had to change the boundaries now that the zone leaders have been relocated to our branch. The areas changed in such a was that the whole working part of our area we gave to the Elders, it just made more sense geographically speaking and after praying about the reset boundaries we felt good about it. So we are practically white washing (starting over completely), The first two days we came home very tired, but for some reason we both just felt peaceful, the next day we contacted the first people we saw coming out of our piso and...success! We should be teaching them tonight and we are so excited!

"I got to speak on Sunday, apparently they do that like initiation here for all the new missionaries that come into the ward. "

Excerpt from Megan's letter Sept 30th:

"Fun Fact: Zaragoza is the funnest city to say because people literally pronounce it like ( say it, its fun.

"So, thoughts about my new area: It is VERY different from Barcelona. There are not as many people on the streets, but when there are people they are Spaniards and that makes contacting a lot different. I enjoy it though it is more of a challenge, I can no longer use my Catalan jokes now that I am not in Catalunya.

"Hermana Boyer:
Incredible. She patiently sat by me and coaxed me thru my last essay for my college application. She provided a nice shoulder to cry on when the computer shut off and I had not saved the beautiful essay I had spent an hour and a half working on. She was my cheer leader as I started back up again. She helped proof read and was just great!

"Sister Training Leader Responsibilities:
We had our leadership meeting yesterday which means I went back to Barcelona. It was interesting going back, it was like it was mine but not. There is just a special energy in Barcelona. This was probably the best leadership meeting I have ever been to. We talked a lot about being fearless, knowing who we are as disciples of Christ and love. I feel like everything said was just what I needed. "

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