Sunday, November 2, 2014

Smore's Activity a Hit and "Fiesta de Pilar-Ofrenda de Flores"

Excerpt from Megan's letter October 13th:

"We are finally getting into a normal work mode and getting comfortable with our new area. We are praying for people to teach and also to help our main investigators progress."

"It is very common in Spain to have a ward activity every week. And our ward activities were great....until I got here, ha, ha. The past 3 activities we went from 8 to 3 to 2 people there....that's awful! So instead of throwing in the towel, our district put our heads together and with Hermana Boyer (my companion) leading the way we planned a smore's activity. They don't roast marshmallows here is Spain, so we thought it would be new for them and a fun activity...and it was! We had our branch president  (who was pleasantly surprised at the success of the activity this week) send out a "What's up." He was so excited that every time someone would confirm they were coming he txted us. About 30 people showed up to our activity!!! (keep in mind we have about 90 people at church usually) They loved it! Hermana Boyer and I just sat back like proud parents and watched everyone just enjoy being together, that is exactly what this branch needs, unity!"

This is the huge"Fiesta de Pilar-Ofrenda de Flores" (Holiday of the virgin Pilar -the flower offering). So this is a huge holiday in Zaragota. For every saint there is a holiday and if you are named after that saint its like your second birthday. So up at the very top of the picture you can see a little chunk of metal above the thing that looks like a red cross...that is the virgin. Its one of the most famous saints but also one of the smallest. This is a side shot of all the flowers. People all dress up like their ancestors and put their flowers below the saint Pilar. They made it sound like it is a huge metal structure made with little holes to put your flowers in. I thought it was interesting that you can only put your flowers in if you are dressed up.

Behind me is "El Pilar" the cathedral made in honor of this saint.

This is one of the long time members in our branch. Her name is Olga. She is dressed up for the festival and she stopped us on the street, we were glad to get a picture with her.  She is so sweet and her daughter Natalia helps a lot with the missionary work.

This is Hermana Graham and Hermana Munns- our roommates :) with me and Hermana Boyer, my companion

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